We were honoured to partner with the Department of English and Communication at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Mission For Migrant Workers to organise the “Migrant Worker Lives Matter Symposium” which took place on May 24.

The half-day symposium brought together representatives from across different sectors from academics, policy makers, migrant worker NGOs, to domestic workers and their employers. They discussed some of the most pressing issues faced by MDWs working and living in Hong Kong – including inclusivity, diversity, healthcare, and employer-employee relationships.

The symposium recommended the establishment / reinforcement of effective systems to protect MDWs’ rights and wellbeing. Some key recommendations from the symposium include:

  • More transparency about employment agencies and unethical practices; promote ethical recruitment practices
  • More information about health issues available to MDWs in their own language
  • More information/education to employers about MDWs’ rights and cultural variations like food
  • Open communications to foster more harmonious employer-employee relationships

The symposium also highlighted the importance of cross-sector collaboration among NGOs, government departments and other stakeholders to align their efforts to address the most critical structural issues faced by the MDW communities and ensure the rights and wellbeing of MDWs are safeguarded.