Developing a Scalable and Sustainable Outreach and Education Model

Over 90% of MDWs who come to HK are women of child-bearing age. Often social and cultural norms in their home countries don’t encourage comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education and/or gender equality. This means that many are not aware of their maternity rights or lack the confidence to stand up for themselves. There is also a widely held misconception that all children born in Hong Kong will receive permanent residency or citizenship status.

The number of MDWs in Hong Kong is expected to almost double to 600,000 by 2047 to help care for a rapidly ageing population. Fearing the problems PathFinders tackles will likely escalate with a growing MDW population, we launched our Ambassador programme in mid-2019 to empower MDWs as community leaders, equipping them with knowledge, information and skills training to expand our outreach, amplify our messages and signpost our Crisis Intervention services.

Provided with bespoke training, Ambassadors are enabled to professionally deliver outreach and education with confidence, accurately, confidentially, and in a way that is culturally sensitive.