Our case workers ensure the immediate safety of every MDW mother and baby in crisis

Each case is unique and requires individual support to address immigration, medical, legal, employment, emotional and/or security issues.

Our case workers provide comfort, care and counselling to ensure MDW mothers have the critical information and support they need to address their individual needs.

Each case is assigned a dedicated case worker who can provide access to emergency shelter, essential supplies, healthcare and education. They also facilitate referrals to key service partners for more specialised support, including for legal matters, domestic violence, drug abuse, contraception, non-essential supplies and child development delayes. 

In addition, they also ensure abandoned and vulnerable children are protected and placed in a loving and stable family environment as quickly as possible.

PathFinders bridges social welfare gaps by:

  1. Providing emergency shelter and essential supplies, including food, clothing and nappies
  2. Ensuring undocumented babies and children are registered and obtain a birth certificate and passport
  3. Intervening to protect children against abuse, neglect and abandonment
  4. Advising mothers who choose adoption and assisting with a referral to adoption services
  5. Offering assistance to mothers who decide to return to their home country
  6. Assisting with employer negotiations to maintain employment and job security
  7. Supporting to secure immigration status
  8. Referring to service partners for legal support and education

The Hong Kong-born Filipino sisters who ‘didn’t exist’ for 30 years

Both Dawn and Kaye were born at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hong Kong, but growing up they did not attend school, never saw a doctor, and never held an identity card or a passport. Officially, these two sisters did not exist.

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A big thank you to all our service partners