We place the child at the centre of everything we do

PathFinders is the only organisation in Hong Kong that specifically supports the unique vulnerabilities of children born to migrant mothers. To ensure every child can survive and thrive we have aligned our services to the Nurturing Care Framework.

Each case is unique. Our case workers provide comfort, care and counselling to ensure migrant mothers have access to the critical information and support they need to address individual emotional, immigration, medical, employment and security concerns.

We provide access to essential supplies, healthcare and education. We also facilitate referrals to key service partners for more specialised support, including for emergency shelter, legal matters, domestic violence, drug abuse, family planning, non-essential supplies and child development delays.

At PathFinders we have aligned our Crisis Interventions to the Nurturing Care Framework. By aligning our services to this international framework, and by seeking to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) we intend to contribute to the global blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

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Safety & Security

  • Emergency shelter
  • Documentation
  • Child protection
  • Adoption assistance
  • Home country return
  • Employer negotiations
  • Immigration support
  • Legal service referral

Good Health & Adequate Nutrition

  • Access to pro bono doctors
  • Pre/postnatal care & advice
  • Post delivery home visits or calls
  • Postnatal depression screening
  • Access to family planning advice
  • Immunisation checks for babies & young children
  • Breastfeeding support & advice
  • Growth parameter checks

Responsive Caregiving & Early Learning

  • Essential maternity & newborn supplies
  • Child development screening
  • Education classes on a wide range of topics
    • Positive parenting
    • Child development milestones
    • Health & nutrition
    • Mothers’ empowerment
    • Home country preparation