• At least 1 in 5 women in HK have experienced workplace discrimination during pregnancy, maternity leave or in the first year after giving birth (Source: Equal Opportunities Commission, 2016)
  • Working mothers are 40% more stressed than women without children and struggle with work-family conflict (Source: Institute for Social and Economic Research, Essex University, 2019)
  • Over 2 million working mothers left the workforce in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic (Source: International Labour Organisation, 2022)

WHAT IF we could reshape:

  • Public mindsets concerning pregnant employees and new mothers at the workplace
  • A societal culture to honour working mothers for their sacrifices and contribution in families, workplace and society at large

… particularly towards Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW) mothers?

Many MDW mothers left their children and elderly parents behind to care for our children and elderly parents in Hong Kong.

Those questions have piqued our curiosity and sparked our imagination in the height of COVID-19 pandemic, to come up with our very first public #WorkingMomsHK campaign in 2021 to CELEBRATE ALL WORKING MOTHERS IN HONG KONG!

Our 2022-2023 Campaign Partner:

Xyza Cruz Bacani

About Xyza Cruz Bacani

Xyza Cruz Bacani is a celebrated, award-winning photographer currently based in New York. Following her mother’s footsteps, she became a second-generation MDW in Hong Kong for 10 years; during which she found her calling as a photographer, with the strong support and encouragement of her employer Mrs Kathryn Louey.

Besides being renowned for her powerful images especially of MDWs, Xyza is well-acquainted with separation and is passionate for children and their MDW mothers to connect despite the distance – largely driven by her personal experience of growing up without her mother by her side.

Xyza is partnering with PathFinders to champion the importance of heart-to-heart connection; as well as safety and welfare of children through careful selection of guardians for children before MDW mothers work abroad.

Photo credit: Polaris Norton/Novice

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A big thanks to all our supporters since 2021…

Catherine Gurtin, CEO, PathFinders

A large number of the 340,000 Migrant Domestic Workers (MDW) in Hong Kong are mothers who have made the very difficult decision to be away from their children to provide them with a fair start and brighter future. As a mother myself, I can’t even begin to imagine the pain behind every goodbye and the deep desire to hug my children during the long months and years of separation.

Many MDW mothers capably juggle their heavy workload and support their children in every way possible – from guiding them in homework to celebrating birthdays together. They make concerted efforts to be present in their children’s lives – so they don’t feel left behind. We’ve heard many wonderful stories of how MDW mothers and their children maintain heart-to-heart connections and stay strong, despite the distance. For no child can truly be left behind when a mother is able to remain a constant part of their life, while relying on a caring guardian to meet her child’s needs at different developmental stages.

As an employer of an MDW mother I know just how transformational providing short breaks during the day can be to connect with her children. Previously, Aunty Xy-xy wasn’t encouraged to speak with her children, who would be fast asleep at the end of her long working day. Within 2 months of being with us, she excitedly shared how their relationship had grown and blossomed.

Ensuring every child is able to stay connected with their MDW mother is so fundamental to their well-being. While a seemingly small gesture, witnessing the impact of regular contact with her children on Aunty Xy-xy’s health and happiness is palpable and heartwarming! THANK YOU to all the resilient MDW moms in Hong Kong! Your unconditional and selfless love for your children truly demonstrates that a mother’s love knows no borders.