By Aiko Pogoy (Migrant Domestic Worker, PathFinders’ Ambassador)

I have been working here in Hong Kong for 1 year and for 8 months. This is my first time working abroad. As a mother, it was so hard for me to leave my daughter back home to work here and take care of another person’s child.

Being a working mom can be one of the most challenging experiences in a woman’s life. After giving birth, all a mother wants to do is spend every moment with her baby, taking care of them, and watching them grow. However, the reality of life often forces women to juggle between being a mother and an employee.

For me, being a working mom has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Like many other mothers, I had to make the difficult decision of leaving my child back home to work in Hong Kong. I knew it was the best decision for our family’s financial stability, but it was not an easy one to make. It was heart-wrenching to leave my daughter in the care of my relatives while I pursued my job overseas.

As I boarded the plane, I was filled with a mixture of emotions – excitement for the opportunities ahead, fear of being away from my child, and guilt for leaving her behind. I constantly questioned if I was making the right decision and if I was a good mother for leaving my child. But I also knew that I was doing it for her, to provide her with a better future.

As a working mom, my days are filled with a never-ending list of tasks and responsibilities. I wake up early and get ready for work. My mind is always divided between work and my child, and I often find myself feeling guilty for not being able to give my full attention to either.

At work, I am expected to be hardworking and efficient, and it can be challenging to maintain that level of focus when my mind is constantly worrying about my child. I am always on the edge, anxiously waiting for updates from home, constantly worrying if my child is doing okay without me.

Despite the challenges, being a working mom has also taught me valuable lessons and has made me a stronger person. I have learned to be more organised and manage my time effectively. I have also learned to prioritise my responsibilities and let go of the things that are not as important. Most importantly, I have learned to appreciate the time I do get to spend with my child and make the most of it.

Being a working mom has its rewards as well. The feeling of accomplishment and independence that comes with having a job is something I am proud of. It also sets a good example for my daughter, showing her the importance of hard work and perseverance.

But despite the rewards, there are days when being a working mom feels overwhelming. There are times when I miss important moments in my child’s life, I also miss the little things, like tucking her to bed at night or sharing a meal together. These moments can never be replaced, and as a working mom, I have to come to terms with that.

However, the love and bond I share with my child is unbreakable, no matter the distance. Technology has been a blessing, allowing me to see and talk to my child everyday, even if it’s through a screen. As a working mom, I make an effort to be present in my child’s life, even from afar.

In the end, being a working mom is a constant balancing act. It is a constant battle between my job and my role as a mother. But every sacrifice I make is worth it, knowing that I am providing for my family and setting a positive example for my child. I may not always have the luxury to be a stay-at-home mom, but my love and dedication to my child will always be there, no matter how far apart we are.

I call my child everyday. This is how we keep in touch. Big thanks to the internet. I express my love to my daughter through words of affirmation and gifts/rewards whenever she gets good grades in school. I always tell her that she’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. She’s been my greatest blessing and I couldn’t ask for more. I am always here to support her. I am her number one fan. I am the proudest mother on earth for having her.