Since the launch of our Train the Trainers Programme in 2019, we have been incredibly inspired by our Ambassadors. Predominantly Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs), many already established Community Leaders, PathFinders Ambassadors spend their precious one day off a week to become informed to inform, engaged to engage and empowered to empower other MDWs on maternity protection, love scams, misconceptions and the importance of making well informed life decisions while working and living in Hong Kong. With the tremendous support of our 74 Ambassadors, we are quickly beginning to realise our ambition of establishing a sustainable outreach model that is led and delivered by MDWs for MDWs! We are so inspired by the commitment of all of our Ambassadors to empower their community, support each other and focus on their own personal growth and development – they truly are the driving force for transformative change within the MDW community! 

To celebrate our Ambassadors’ achievements in the Train the Trainers Programme, we hosted an online Ambassador Appreciation Day on December 20th, 2020. More than 50 guests, including our Ambassadors, trainers, as well as the Indonesian Consul General, Mr. Ricky Suhendar, and the Philippines Consul General, Mr. Raly L. Tejada, were present to show their support for our Ambassadors. Some of our Ambassadors showcased their wonderful talents with everyone by singing “Christmas in our Hearts”, dancing to an Indonesian Medley Dance “Tarian Nusantara” and sharing heartfelt poems. Our Ambassadors also took the opportunity to share what they enjoy about the Train the Trainers Programme, any challenges they have overcome, and their favorite memories from training and outreach.

To recap our Train the Trainers Programme for 2020, we published an Ambassador Newsletter filled with our Ambassadors’ stories, interviews, and highlights from the year. Some notable achievements include a total of 31 training sessions on topics ranging from maternity rights and protection to effective communication and public speaking to mindfulness and more. Our Ambassadors collectively distributed 6615 resource cards through 417 hours of engagement with the MDW community. To learn more about our programme and meet our Ambassadors, you can read our English Newsletter and our Bahasa Indonesian Newsletter.