Our Healthcare Team provides access to vital medical support and endeavour to ensure the good health and adequate nutrition of every child.

Pregnant Migrant Domestic Workers (MDW) who are illegally fired or forced to resign lose access to public healthcare in Hong Kong within two weeks of their employment being terminated

This group of mothers and their babies are desperately in need of medical care, health system navigation, health education and tailored, cultural and language-specific advice.

PathFinders bridges healthcare service gaps by:

  1. Facilitating access to medical services by partnering with pro bono doctors and clinics
  2. Providing pre/postnatal care and advice
  3. Conducting home visits, to check up and support new mothers and their babies post-delivery
  4. Screening new mothers for postnatal depression
  5. Supporting women to access family planning advice
  6. Ensuring babies and young children receive all necessary immunisations
  7. Advising mothers on breastfeeding, including providing breast pumps and formula (if unable to breastfeed)
  8. Checking the growth parameters of every child

Support and healthcare for Baby Aden and Anne

PathFinders met Anne when she was 25 weeks pregnant with her baby boy Ayden. She had just lost her job as a migrant domestic worker. Without a valid HKID, she could not access important healthcare and antenatal check-ups that she and Ayden needed. Confused and unsure about her situation, she approached PathFinders for help.

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A big thanks to all our service partners