Our Impact

Since 2008, PathFinders has directly served almost 7,000 of Hong Kong's most vulnerable babies, children and their migrant mothers. During 2019, we cared for 925 new beneficiaries, provided 700 healthcare interventions, helped 91 babies acquire birth certificates and passports, handled 142 legal matters, held 91 education classes and assisted 64 families to return to the mother's home country.

To address root causes and prevent crisis, we have empowered and educated over 62,000 people. In 2019 alone, we significantly increased our annual reach, empowering 37,000 people with greater awareness, understanding and education about pregnancy and maternity protections and obligations. We also shared our experience with, and made recommentations to, government departments, legislators, the general public, consulates, academics, media and the United Nations.

Dalam 11 tahun, hampir 7000 orang menjalani kehidupan yang lebih baik

Kualitas Hidup <strong>6.925 </strong>Bayi, Anak-anak dan Ibu Migran Meningkat
Kualitas Hidup 6.925 Bayi, Anak-anak dan Ibu Migran Meningkat
<strong>3.915</strong> Intervensi Perawatan Kesehatan Dilakukan
3.915 Intervensi Perawatan Kesehatan Dilakukan
<strong>321</strong> Masalah Hukum Telah Didukung
321 Masalah Hukum Telah Didukung
<strong>5.000</strong> Barang Persediaan Didistribusikan ke <strong>2.150 </strong>Ibu Yang Dalam Keadaan Rentan
5.000 Barang Persediaan Didistribusikan ke 2.150 Ibu Yang Dalam Keadaan Rentan
<strong>62.000</strong> PLRT Asing dan Anggota Publik Tercapai Melalui Kegiatan Penjangkauan
62.000 PLRT Asing dan Anggota Publik Tercapai Melalui Kegiatan Penjangkauan
<strong>196 </strong>Keluarga Memberikan "One-on-One" Bantuan untuk Kembali ke Rumah
196 Keluarga Memberikan "One-on-One" Bantuan untuk Kembali ke Rumah
Menyediakan Tempat Perlindungan yang Aman terhadap<strong> 332</strong> Ibu dan Anak
Menyediakan Tempat Perlindungan yang Aman terhadap 332 Ibu dan Anak
<strong>391</strong> Kelas Pendidikan Disediakan untuk <strong>3.500</strong> Penerima
391 Kelas Pendidikan Disediakan untuk 3.500 Penerima
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"PathFinders does the thankless job of caring for the children and migrant mothers who fall out of the Hong Kong system of health care, justice and welfare. For such we are thankful, humanity is thankful."

- Anthony Ng, WYNG Foundation