Women for Humankind

Kylie Uebergang, Pathfinders Co-founder and Executive Director, participated in a panel discussion ‘Women for the Humankind’on 20 September 2012 at the Woman Extraordinaire Forum. In her remarks, Kylie discussed Pathfinders’ mission, work and impact on its beneficiaries. She also provided insight on some of the key factors that exacerbate the vulnerability experienced by foreign domestic workers and their children in Hong Kong.

In particular, she discussed how foreign domestic workers are often unlawfully fired upon notifying their employer of their pregnancy. Given Hong Kong’s two-week limitation imposed on them to find another job, pregnant domestic workers may overstay their visa. This has huge ramifications on the wellbeing of the foreign domestic worker and her future child.

Greater awareness among both foreign domestic workers and their employers of their rights and responsibilities could prevent many of these women and their children from marginalization and deprivation.

Kylie was joined by four other panelists, including: Cheung-Ang Siew Mei, JP, Executive Director of Christian Action; Sue Leong, Private and Charitable Trusts Planning Expert; and Puifong Leung, Co-founder and Board Member of Fair Trade Hong Kong. The panel was moderated by Rachel Cartland, Former Assistant Director of Social Welfare for the HKSAR government.

The panel, hosted by The Women's Foundation, highlighted the work of leading women working in the NGO sector and engaged in the community. In the discussion, the panelists shared their experiences and challenges they often face working in philanthropy.

This second edition of the Woman Extraordinaire Forum (WEF) brought together a diverse array of women from several sectors and of different ages and nationalities under the banner “Women for the Future: leadership – innovation – philanthropy”. WEF is the largest thought leadership forum for women.

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