Having the Choice

13 weeks pregnant. No new employment contract. Ineligible to receive medical care in Hong Kong.Nyalla was left with little choice as her family also informed her that she was unwelcome to return home to Indonesia with an out-of-wedlock child.

Through the help of PathFinders’ Home Country Integration Programme*, we arranged and facilitated her safe travel to Ruth Ministry (an NGO) in Bandung, Indonesia, where she’s receiving shelter, access to prenatal care, further counseling and support about her parental options. PathFinders will continue to provide her with financial assistance for the duration of her pregnancy.

Outcome: Nyalla has chosen adoption for her child, after which she plans to return to Hong Kong as a domestic worker. PathFinders will be part of Nyalla and her child's journey until the child becomes legally adopted in Indonesia. We will be by her side to ensure her and her child are set up for a sustainable future.

*The Home Country Integration Programme is kindly sponsored by Noble Group