Turn your Will into a Legacy

Wills are a way to continue to share our lives with others after we are gone. Which is why loved ones and friends are the people who come to mind when writing our wills. However, it is also a commitment to our values and our quest to leave a legacy by the lives we touch.

What your donation will do for PathFinders:

By including PathFinders as a beneficiary in your will, you are committing to a better world for thousands of vulnerable babies and children and their pregnant migrant domestic worker mothers. You are helping them gain access to medical and emotional care, legal aid, proper documentation, livelihood skills and parenting knowledge. You do this because you understand that migrant domestic workers are an important yet undervalued part ofHong Kong’s community and economy, and empowering them will help ensure that their children have a fair start in life and the bright future that they deserve. Donations from thoughtful and kind individuals like you have helped us help women and children since 2008, and your legacy gift will help us maintain critical services for years to come.

Why become a legacy donor:


It shows your love for Hong Kong by caring for the thousands of women who care for us


It’s a gift that speaks volumes of you even after you are gone


It’s your statement of commitment to a better world for all

If you are yet to pen down your Will, you may choose to write one using PathFinders legacy partner NobleWills at a subsidized rate. Get a 10% discount by using code NOBLEPATHFINDERS. We will appreciate if you can let us know that we are a beneficiary in your Will so that we can recognize and appreciate your kind gesture accordingly.