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Getting better care for Janan from her Filipino family

Getting better care for Janan from her Filipino family Janan, now five years old, lives with her family in the Philippines. Her mother Angie lost her job as a Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW) ...
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For many Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW) mothers, returning home as a single, unemployed mother with a mixed-race child can be a daunting prospect. To avoid the fear and potential persecution of returning home, some choose to overstay - becoming a hidden part of our society with no access to public services. Others seek asylum to access very minimal social welfare support, but an uncertain future for themselves and their children.

Our team provides comprehensive support, via individual counselling, preparation workshops and home country assistance, to ensure mothers and their children are physically and emotionally equipped to make their journey home with confidence.

PathFinders supports mothers returning home with their child by:

  1.   Delivering preparation workshops to ensure they are emotionally and physically equip to return
  2.   Distributing a comprehensive guidebook to support understanding of official documents and identification procedures required, as well as local resources available on their return
  3.   Providing skills training to improve employment prospects once home
  4.   Facilitating all Consulate related matters to ensure children have the necessary documentation to travel
  5.   Assisting with flight tickets and associated travel expenses
  6.   Referring to in-country NGO partners for support and assistance on arrival, including airport transfers, shelter and family mediation

Our 2021 Impact

65 mothers and children returned home 

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