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Helping undocumented Netra to get healthcare & education

Helping undocumented Netra to get healthcare & education Netra spent the first four years of her life living without an identity. She had never accessed social services, been to s...
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The period from pregnancy to age 3 is the most critical, when the brain grows faster than at any other time. By age 3, 80% of a child's brain is formed.

For healthy brain development, children need nurturing care - a safe, secure and loving environment, with the right nutrition and stimulation from their parents or caregivers. Focusing on early child development is a window of opportunity to lay strong foundations for health and wellbeing that last a lifetime - and carry through to the next generation.

The cost of inaction is high. Children who do not benefit from nurturing care in their earliest years are more likely to encounter learning difficulties in school, reducing their ability to reach their full potential. Investing in this period is one of the most efficient and effective ways to eliminate extreme poverty and inequality, and boost shared prosperity and wellbeing - both for their families and wider society.

In addition to protecting children and ensuring their good health and nutrition, our education team teaches MDWs on the importance of responsive caregiving and opportunities for early learning.

PathFinders bridge child development service gaps by:

  1.   Offering child development screening
  2.   Conducting positive parenting clases for mothers and children
  3.   Hosting education classes to support early childhood education

Our 2021 Impact

13 children received development screening
1,038 education class attendance
109 education classes conducted

"It's wonderful to be able to collaborate with PathFinders to deliver our Positive Parenting workshops with freshly designed materials in both English and Bahasa which offer guidance emphasizing the impact of parenting approaches in the short and long term."  

Christy Themar, Next Chapters 

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