Led and delivered by Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) for MDWs, our Train the Trainer workshops seek to establish a sustainable outreach model that empowers community leaders to become PathFinders' Ambassadors and educate their peers about Maternity Protection and the importance of making well-informed life decisions while working in Hong Kong.

Each PathFinders' Ambassador is provided with bespoke training to enable them to professionally deliver our messages with confidence, accuracy, confidentiality and in a way that is culturally-sensitive.

To expand our outreach and amplify our messages, PathFinders' Ambassadors are mobilised with tailor-made materials (e.g. Resource Card, Ambassador Guidebook) to hold outreach events and workshops within the community. They are required to regularly update their PathFinders' Manager on sessions conducted, numbers of participants reached and evaluation highlights so we can measure the success and impact of our new initiative. Collectively our PathFinders' Ambassadors can reach wider and deeper than we can within the MDW community, helping us to significantly scale our outreach.

Ambassador Newsletter 2021 is available here.



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