HK currently employs 340,000 MDWs, predominantly women of childbearing age; many of who lack reproductive health knowledge and service access. This number is forecast to rise to over 600,000 by 2047 to care for a rapidly ageing population.

Currently and despite legal protections, once a MDW's pregnancy is announced or discovered, many of these expectant mothers are unlawfully fired, pressured to leave or resign because they, and their employers, simply don't know what else to do.

A pregnant MDW faces substantial obstacles and hardships when her employment is terminated. She immediately becomes homeless and within two weeks, when her work visa expires, loses access to public welfare and healthcare services vital for prenatal screening. For those unable to return home, for fear of persecution by family and friends for being an unemplyed, single mother with a mixed race child, their children are typically undocumented, stateless and lack access to essential services including medical care and immunisations, shelter and education.

Our Client Services focus on lifting MDWs out of the initial crisis and assisting them to develop a Nurturing Care Plan for their child, to ensure they are protected and able to develop foundational learning skills in the years leading up to school. Our Community Engagement focuses on crisis prevention by empowering MDWs, educating employers and influencing systemic change.