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When a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW)'s pregnancy is discovered or announced, both the FDW and her employer are likely to experience an array of emotions about the future.

It often takes a lot of bravery for a FDW to tell her employer she is pregnant. For those whose pregnancies were planned, there may be a sense of nervous anticipation. But for many others, love scams and a lack of reproductive health knowlege can lead to a FDW's unexpected pregnancy. When that happens the FDW may feel confused and anxious.

For the employer, their initial reaction is often one of shock, betrayal and confusion when they learn their FDW is pregnant. Their minds race with multiple questions and concerns. She came here to work, why did she get pregnant? My husband and I work full-time. Can she cope with caring for my young children when she is pregnant? How will we manage when she is on maternity leave? These are all very real concerns that without careful thought and planning can result in a FDW being terminated and ultimately her child falling into crisis.

PathFinders is here to provide practical advice and help to ensure a pregnancy is managed in the best interests of all parties - the FDW mother, the employer, and most importantly the unborn child.

We have come up with useful resources for both FDWs and employers. FDWs can check out our informative resource cards on service providers in Hong Kong. Employers of pregnant FDWs can access our practical guidebook to navigate their next steps.

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