PathFinders Happy Holiday Party

Our PathFinders team, with amazing volunteer and sponsor support, organized a terrific end of year HOLIDAY PARTY for our beneficiaries on 24th December 2012, which involved lots of food, gifts and love. Our volunteers helped to create food, played games with our beneficiaries children and even donated a fully decorated Christmas Tree to help create an end of year cheerful feeling to our party. Over 60 beneficiaries and 10 volunteers participated and enjoyed the party.

There were lots of smiling faces and full party bags for all the mothers and children as they walked home on the night of 24th December, Christmas Eve.

Our party could not have been such a success if it were not for the generous donations from the following people and organisations:

* The Yuk Ching Charity Trust donated money for food and also gift packs for our mothers and babies
* Karen Seymour and her sons donated special party food
* Joyful Praise Assembly donated their space for holding our big event
* The United Jewish Congregation of Hong Kong donated end of year gifts for the children
* Box of Hope donated mummy bags full of baby goodies for each of our mothers
* Gliding Children donated end of year gifts for the children
* Sunhflower Pottery Studio offered a significant discount rate for our beneficiaries to enjoy the creative activity featured at the party

We are extremely grateful and happy to have received the support of so many people and organisations within Hong Kong’s loving community which made our end of year party loads of fun and special for our beneficiaries, particularly their children.

To see photos of these happy times click here.

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