Netra’s story

Netra spent the first four years of her life living without an identity. She had never accessed social services, been to school or received identification. She did not exist. Her mother had been unlawfully terminated from her job when she became pregnant.

After finding PathFinders, a social worker helped Netra’s mum to submit a paternity claim and re-register her father, a Hong Kong Permanent Resident, on Netra’s birth certificate. After a 9 month long process, Netra could access the healthcare and education she was entitled to. Netra’s mother had applied for asylum-seeker status. Having faced these hurdles, PathFinders are thrilled to report that Netra is now healthy and well and attending school – meeting friends, playing with peers and receiving an education!

As we close up our Lunar New Year campaign, you can make a difference to the lives of more children like Netra.