Meet our Intern - Vanessa Zeng

Vanessa was a part of the Crisis Intervention team during her internship at PathFinders. Let's hear her experience:

What is your major/area of study in university and how does it relate to your internship at PathFinders? 
I major in Psychology and minor in Finance at The University of Hong Kong. I have always been interested in creating more sustainable social impact to the less privileged groups in society. Initially I wanted to be a psychology researcher in academia, but I slowly became more interested in areas that combine social sciences and business to deliver more visible impacts to the more neglected social problems. PathFinders is a perfect place for me to learn about Migrant Domestic Workers (MDW) in Hong Kong and the organizational structure of a well established non-profit. I was also able to apply the knowledge I learned from psychology when interacting with clients and the research skills I learned from social sciences when conducting policy research work. 

What key information should others know about pregnant MDWs and the children PathFinders supports?
I believe there are two highly important pieces of information. First, the pregnancy of MDWs is not a valid reason for employers to terminate the labour contract, and it is illegal to do so. However, many employers and MDWs are not aware of this and with illegal contract termination, MDWs and their children are left unemployed and homeless. Second, same as other working mothers in Hong Kong, pregnant MDWs are entitled to take 14-week maternity leave.

Tell us about your dreams and aspirations! What are you hoping to achieve in the future?
After graduation, I will first work in the consulting industry to accumulate experiences and networks in the private sector. Then, with my expertise in social sciences and business, I wish to start my own NGO or private enterprise.