Many of the migrant mothers we work with are rejected by their families and communities, and stand facing a marginalised and impoverished future when they return to their home country with a mixed-race child born out of wedlock. We work with our clients to encourage them to take charge of their lives by making positive, brave and wise decisions when they return home.

In early September, our team (Carmen Lam – Director of Community Education and Outreach, Medina Spears – Programme Officer, HCIP and Gellin Byatt – Programme Officer, Outreach) as well as Board Member Lara Fabregas, traveled to the Philippines for in the field research relating to the “Home Country Integration” programme we offer our clients.

In just five days the team visited 9 local NGOs and one ex-PathFinders client. In addition to engaging with the local community in the Philippines to raise awareness and provide home integration assistance for returnees, we also work to develop social, financial and emotional support mechanisms for returning migrant worker mothers and their children in the fragile first few months after returning to their home country. We want to encourage our beneficiaries to build their own lives, connecting with local resources and community partners, once they return to their home country.

The team returned from the productive trip with several new local NGO contacts including Haven for Women, Home for Girls and NORFIL Foundation and is excited about what the future holds regarding potential partnerships with these well-respected charities.

Please find a short video of the trip here.