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Regina Larko 29:09

We’ve all been children. We all have mothers. Before we continue I want to highlight a Hong Kong local charity that no other advocates for the rights of one of the most vulnerable groups in our society: Migrant domestic workers that become mothers and their children.

Catherine Gurtin 29:30 

Hi. I am Catherine. I am the CEO of Pathfinders, the only charity in Hong Kong dedicated to supporting the unique vulnerabilities of children born to migrant mothers. As a mother myself of two small children, I am only able t work in Hong Kong due to the incredible support of my migrant domestic worker Auntie Solast.

Currently around 400.000 migrant domestic workers are employed in Hong Kong. Many, like me, rely heavily on the support of a migrant domestic worker to help care for young children or aging parents to be able to work. But what happens when a migrant domestic worker becomes pregnant? While all working women in Hong Kong without discrimination are entitled to maternity leave, in practice, and despite legal protections pregnant workers all too often illegally fired or pressured to resign because their employers simply don’t know what else to do. When this happens, the pregnant mother immediately becomes homeless and within 2 weeks, when her working visa expires, she loses access to essential services like public health, vital for her and her unborn child.

For those unable to return home, potentially for fear of being persecuted as a single mother with a mixed-race child, their children are typically undocumented, with no access to medical care, shelter, and education. As an advocate and champion for the protection of the rights of children, Pathfinders enables me to live my purpose with passion every day to ensure every child born in Hong Kong to a migrant mother is protected and respected. Fundamentally, that every child born in Hong Kong receives a fair start in life. 

Regina Larko 31:06

Reach out to the team at Pathfinders and support their important work at Now onto the conversation as we discuss the unique challenges the Global Pandemic has brought to women and girls.