To mark International Women’s Day, PathFinders is launching a year-long campaign to celebrate and empower Hong Kong’s working mothers, including migrant mothers!

Working mothers in Hong Kong and around the world have faced even more pressure juggling professional responsibilities and caring for their families, as well as home-schooling. Hong Kong’s MDWs, many mothers themselves, have been a lifeline for many households, providing essential support and enabling many families to navigate the challenges of the Covid-era, but they’ve also faced their share of difficulties.

As we celebrate and give thanks for Hong Kong’s working mothers, we would especially like to honour Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW) mothers, who spend most of their children’s growing years away from home in order to provide for their families, and to give their children the best possible start and the chance of a bright future.

PathFinders invites YOU to empower some of Hong Kong’s most vulnerable new mothers and their babies.


Support the campaign

  • Purchase a sunflower mask at $XX 
  • Make a donation - no amount is too small to make a difference!
  • Pledge your support to our crowdfunding campaign on Sparkraise so we can continue to empower some of Hong Kong’s most vulnerable mothers and their babies
  • Organise a fundraiser with colleagues, friends or family to support our campaign
  • Take part in PathFinders Hiking Challenge 
  • Host a Lunch & Learn at your workplace to celebrate International Women’s Day, Children’s Day and Mother’s Day with your colleagues, and learn more about what PathFinders is doing to protect some of Hong Kong's most vulnerable children and mothers.
  • Partner with us! We are looking for businesses who can partner with us to help raise awareness of our work. 
  • Supplies drive
  • Order flowers this mothers day - quote PF xx and 10% of your order will be donated - No need to wait until May, Give thanks to someone special 
  • Enter our children’s day competition - use your creative skills.. draw, paint or… a bright future - to enter, tag us on Facebook or Instagram, or send an email to xx by 30th April. 

I'm a working mother, as are many of the team at PathFinders. The burden of being a working mother has never been greater in the face of the ongoing pandemic. Most of us at PathFinders have been feeling the strain of being working mothers, as we struggle to cope with the demands of triple duty - work, childcare and home-based schooling of our children. We read with great dismay how working mothers in many countries have been dropping out of the workforce to support their children at home. It has caused us to reflect on our journey as working mothers. But more so, it has deepened our respect for all working mothers - particularly the migrant mothers amongst us. 

Catherine Gurtin, CEO, PathFinders 

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