PathFinders believes all children deserve a fair start in life. 

We ensure the most vulnerable and unsupported children in Hong Kong are protected and respected, and their migrant mothers - current or former Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) - are empowered to find a path to a bright future.

Besides providing care and counselling to mothers and children in crisis, we educate employers and empower MDWs to make well-informed life decisions while working in Hong Kong.

Why are we celebrating working mothers? 


Many of us are where we are today because of the sacrifices of our mothers who work(ed) hard both at home and their workplace to ensure we receive(d) a fair start in life.

The burden of being working mothers has never been greater in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic - with many struggling with the demands of work, childcare and home-based learning.

This has deepened our respect for all working mothers - including the MDW mothers amongst us. Many MDW mothers spend most of their children's growing years away to provide for their family so their children can have a brighter future.

There is truly no better time than now to honour all the remarkable working mothers in Hong Kong!


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I'm a working mother, as are many of the team at PathFinders. The burden of being a working mother has never been greater in the face of the ongoing pandemic. Most of us at PathFinders have been feeling the strain of being working mothers, as we struggle to cope with the demands of triple duty - work, childcare and home-based schooling of our children. We read with great dismay how working mothers in many countries have been dropping out of the workforce to support their children at home. It has caused us to reflect on our journey as working mothers. But more so, it has deepened our respect for all working mothers - particularly the migrant mothers amongst us. 

Catherine Gurtin, CEO, PathFinders