When Imelda fell pregnant, she resigned from her job as the workload was heavy and unmanageable. She also didn’t fully understand her maternity rights and protection in Hong Kong. Her efforts to find a new employer who could accept her pregnancy was unfortunately futile. Going back to her home country was not an option as she needed her partner’s support.

As Imelda faced great uncertainty with her immigration status, she could not access public healthcare, which was vital to ensure Joshua’s healthy development.

With support from our partners Central Health and Matilda Hospital, we provided basic prenatal check up and ultrasound for Imelda. After she received support from International Social Service (ISS), she was also able to go for antenatal follow-ups and delivery at Tuen Mun Hospital.

When Joshua was born 3 months ago, he was healthy and his overjoyed parents welcomed him with open arms. He also received his father’s immigration status as a Hong Kong permanent resident. There shall be greater joy and celebration soon for this family of 3 when Joshua’s parents tie the knot.