Social Welfare, Shelter and Supplies


People ask for PathFinders’ help when they are


  • Still-employed Women: Pregnant and unsure about their statutory maternity rights and obligations, how to access health care and how to plan for a safe and legal future;
  • Unemployed Women: Pregnant or with a newborn. They and their baby are typically homeless, hungry and penniless. Typically, the women have been illegally fired or have been pressured to resign. They and their babies are often undocumented and in urgent need of medical attention;
  • Abandoned, Abused or Neglected Children: these are our most upsetting and time-intensive cases. Where necessary, PathFinders acts as the voice of the child.


PathFinders’ social work case managers support each family unit, ensuring that the women have the critical information needed to address their housing, food, clothing, immigration, medical, legal, employment, emotional and security needs. For abandoned and vulnerable children, our child care specialists work to ensure that they are safe and protected, and that they are placed in a loving and stable family environment as quickly as possible.



  • Provide shelter, food, clothing, nappies and bedding to meet basic human needs
  • Ensure that undocumented babies and children are registered and obtain birth certificates and passports and that undocumented women regularise their own immigration status and legal documentation
  • Intervene to protect children against abuse, neglect, and abandonment
  • Where needed, refer to PathFinders’ medical and legal teams
  • Provide counselling, comfort and care
  • For mothers who decide that adoption is the best option for the child, refer to adoption services


Number of people helped6217589011067
Number of Children supported15346446455
Women Counselled187241289290
People Sheltered49394441
Nights of Shelter Provided
* In 2016, one shelter was closed to release resources
to cope with the surge in new cases)
People given supplies253357437462
Humanitarian supplies items distributed -