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Our case managers help vulnerable migrant mothers find a path toward a safe and sustainable future. We work with migrant mothers to:
  1. Remove migrant women from danger.
    We encounter migrant women and children when they are most at risk. Our team of case managers provides crisis intervention services to ensure that both mother and child are safe from harm.
  2. Become documented and resolve immigration and legal issues.
    Our first priority is to assist unregistered children to become documented. Our case managers ensure that every child has a birth certificate and that all overstaying migrant women surrender to and are registered with the Immigration Department. We work to resolve outstanding immigration and legal issues, with the support of our team of pro-bono lawyers.
  3. Identify and address both the mother and child’s critical needs.
    While mothers are making a future plan for themselves and their children, they remain vulnerable and in need of basic resources and supportive services. PathFinders assists our mothers in accessing:

    • Medical support and family planning
    • Legal advice
    • Parenting plans and adoption referrals
    • Shelter and accommodation
    • Basic needs (including baby supplies, transportation allowance, and other necessities)
    • Personal counselling
    • Travel solutions back to their home country and reintegration support
  4. Help mothers and their children find their path toward a safe and legal future.
    We positively influence migrant mothers and empower them to fulfil their legal obligations and plan sustainable livelihoods in the best interest of their children. We help migrant mothers explore their options, including parenting, employment, and livelihood plans. We aim to give these mothers the tools, capacity and confidence to become self-sufficient.

    For those who are able to legally stay in Hong Kong, PathFinders helps them settle peacefully into the Hong Kong community. For those who decide to return to their home country, PathFinders assists them in rebuilding relationships with families and support networks and provides a short-term allowance to help them return home with dignity.

    Some of our mothers benefit from the support of family members and are able to reapply for employment in Hong Kong or other countries where they are able to continue caring for their child. Some mothers find that the best viable option for their child is to make an adoption plan in Hong Kong.

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