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Key Activities and Approach
Our key activities focus on filling the public service gaps in social welfare and support, healthcare, education and access to justice. We ensure that the standard of service and care given, where possible, match that of Hong Kong’s public welfare system. We address all humanitarian needs from the beginning to the end of the particular crisis, typically:

  • For a woman: from pregnancy through to when the woman and child find their path to a sustainable and legal future; and
  • For a baby/child: from ensuring that all children are legally documented and immunised, to placing an abandoned/neglected child in a safe, permanent and loving family.


Activities at a Glance
Social Welfare, Shelter and Supplies (no. of people helped)621758901
Health Care (no. of interventions)344608664
Access to Justice (no. of legal cases224655
Education (no. of class attendances1,3401,1961,277
Community Outreach (no. of people reached)11,68912,9508428*

* Number of outreach sessions reduced in 2016 to help manage surge in new Social Welfare cases.



– Download our our latest annual report to learn more about how we’re impacting the lives of our beneficiaries. Annual Report 2016 will be released in June.
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