PathFinders Happy Holiday Party

Our PathFinders team, with amazing volunteer and sponsor support, organized a terrific end of year HOLIDAY PARTY for our beneficiaries on 24th December 2012, which involved lots of food, gifts and love. Our volunteers helped to create food, played games with our beneficiaries children and even donated a fully decorated Christmas Tree to help create an end of year cheerful feeling to our party.

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Botanical Gardens visit with Moodys and HandsOn

HandsOn organized a team of volunteers from Moodys to take our beneficiaries on a wild adventure to the Botanical Gardens. The wet weather did not dampen everyones competitive spirit to find all of the animals in the park as a part of an ‘animal treasure hunt’ organised by HandsOn and the volunteers. Thank you to Moodys for supporting our beneficiaries for the second year

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Halloween Party with Telstra

Telstra organized a Halloween Party for our beneficiaries which involved a dim-sum lunch at a local restaurant and party games focused on our younger children.  The Telstra volunteer team arrived early to decorate our office and source party supplies and yummy treats.  The balloon twisting and pumpkin costumes were clear favorites of our younger children. Thank you to Telstra for organizing such a fun

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Telstra Outreach Event

Telstra’s Executive Leadership Team joined hands for a day with our Case Management Team to outreach to PathFinders beneficiaries living in remote areas such as Kam Tin and Yuen Long. In providing this opportunity to meet beneficiaries in their homes, the Telstra team were able to better understand the challenges faced by migrant women who have given birth to children in Hong Kong. Following

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Emerging from the Shadows

Sita was six months pregnant when she began to experience abdominal pains and bleeding. Worried something was wrong with her baby, she became frantic. A former domestic helper who has overstayed her visa, Sita was hiding from authorities and didn’t know what she could do to save her baby.

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Art Jamming with Community Business

Community Business staff organize an Art Jamming event for our beneficiaries. The event included a wonderful time of sharing between volunteers and our beneficiaries and an opportunity for the participants to express themselves through art. The children we serve were well entertained with a fun time of music and art! Through this experience, Community Business volunteers were able to learn more about the difficulties

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Volunteering at Our Building Lives Workshops

Morgan Stanley volunteers come into look after and play with the vulnerable migrant we serve so that their mothers can attend our Building Lives workshops, focussed on educating and empowering migrant mothers. The kids had a great time reading and engaging in other fun-filled activities! – Back to ‘Events’ Page – Learn more about how to partner with us for future events.

Hand-made Jewellery Sale

Our beneficiaries sell their hand-made jewellery at the Discovery Bay Bazaar. We are excited to see the ladies showcase the creative and business skills they have learned through our Skills Training Program! – Back to ‘Events’ Page – Learn more about how to partner with us for future events.