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Partner with PathFinders

There are a number of ways you can make a difference in the lives of vulnerable babies and their migrant mothers in Hong Kong. Partnering possibilities include our volunteer opportunities, corporate-sponsored events, and our corporate giving scheme.

Corporate and Community Volunteer Events

Connecting corporate and community volunteers to the causes they support can be a mutually enriching experience. We work with corporate and community groups of volunteers who bring new opportunities and skills to PathFinders. These volunteers enable us to scale up our activities and to expose our beneficiaries to new and positive experiences.

For each corporate volunteer event, we work with corporate organisers to understand objectives and to design a programme that not only benefits our beneficiaries, but also provided a unique and educational experience for each of the corporate volunteers involved. Since 2011 we have worked with the following partners:

Corporate Giving Scheme

Major corporate donations in support of our mission provide an opportunity for corporate and non-profit sectors to work and learn together, maximize the impact of giving and to meet the goals and requirements of corporate donors. We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities that can be catered to suit the needs of the corporate or community group. Please contact us at to discuss potential donor or partnership opportunities.

Why Work With Us?

Together, we can save and improve the lives of vulnerable migrant children and women in Hong Kong. When you make a major gift to PathFinders you can expect:

  • Regular and transparent reporting on the impact you are making
  • A PathFinders representative dedicated to your organization to provide updates and key information
  • The opportunity to visit PathFinders and see first-hand the programmes you are supporting
  • Your organisation’s logo will be included in our communications and marketing materials, including our website, newsletter, annual report and Facebook site
  • Corporate volunteer event opportunities and support

Why get involved?