Education, Community Outreach and Home Country Integration


PathFinders estimates that there may be as many as 6,000 vulnerable pregnant, migrant women in Hong Kong. The number rises as more foreign domestic workers enter our workforce. There are over 360,000 foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong, most of them women of child-bearing age. The women emigrate from developing nations with little to no education about reproductive health, rights and services. Education and skills classes are critically needed by this population.



PathFinders’ outreach and education teams provide and increase the women’s knowledge and understanding of reproductive health and related topics. We give culturally- and linguistically-tailored information in the places where they gather. This leads to heightened awareness of, and increased knowledge about the maternity rights of migrant workers, as well as the rights of vulnerable children. We also educate the broader community of migrant workers, their employers, agencies, as well as government, legislative, consular and statutory bodies. We work to increase awareness about the absence of government policy as to how to manage a healthy and happy pregnancy for a foreign domestic worker.

In 2016, PathFinders received a certificate of nomination of the Hassan Wirajuda Citizen Protection Award 2016 from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. This award is an appreciation of the exemplary work of Pathfinders to provide protection and education for mothers and children. PathFinders is a close and cooperative partner of the Consulate General

Consulate General of Indonesia, Hong Kong SAR


  • Run pregnancy awareness and prevention workshops for migrant workers and employers
  • Host booths in parks and public gathering spaces to disseminate education and prevention information
  • Contribute regular feature and opinion pieces in Hong Kong’s main domestic worker media outlets
  • Provide support for families returning to the mother’s home country by giving pre-departure preparation classes and in-country care, counselling and financial assistance
  • Collaborate with consulates, policy makers, academics and law schools, NGOs, international agencies and governments to identify and address systemic gaps and root causes giving rise to the extreme vulnerabilities of the women and children we help


Education classes held161147128144
Education Attendances1,3401,1961,277998
Community events held22423153
Migrant workers and employers reached through community events11,68912,9508,4289241
Women and children assisted to return to mum's home country24434537
Points of Public Influence13157019
Articles in media outlets161322
Launched in May 2019 for Indonesian beneficiaries, this guide contains important information relating to official documents and identification procedures, as well available local resources which we hope will help ease the minds of those who are, or plan to, return home to Indonesia.