PathFinders is published in a book

gender violence and the state in Asia

With thanks to Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Law Faculty and the editorial skills of Amy Barrow and Joy L. Chia, June saw the launch of “Gender, Violence and the State in Asia” (2016 – Routledge).

PathFinders’ chapter is called “PathFinders: Supporting Pregnant Migrant Domestic Workers Access to Justice in Hong Kong.”

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Meet the team: Ruth Jackson

PathFinders people: Ruth Jackson

PathFinders’ Senior Child Protection Specialist, joined PathFinders last year

What is your role?

My job is to make sure that we prioritise the best interests of the child. I supervise our child protection cases, working with our social workers to identify child-related issues of concern and to ensure that we follow best practice by following up appropriately and in a timely manner.

What does a success look like?

Success is when a family can reach an end point where they have clearly moved past their challenges, and are equipped with the tools to parent and manage their family successfully. It involves a lot of hard work with the entire family. If that point isn’t reached after a certain time, we need to explore other solutions.

What recommendations do you have to improve the lives of the babies and children you help?

In Hong Kong, a child could be in care from birth all the way to 18. This isn’t good enough. Ideally a long-term plan should be produced within 3 months of a child entering care. I would like to see a centralised child protection unit with clear, concrete policies. The children PathFinders helps often get stuck in institutionalised care because of their immigration status and a fragmented child care system. I want to see real change for children in care in Hong Kong. Every child deserves to be part of a family and to have a fair start in life.