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Fundraising & Events Internship – 11th Anniversary Fundraising Dinner

PathFinders invites applications for a Fundraising & Events Intern. This is an ongoing position, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.


PathFinders’ Fundraising & Events (FR&E) team is responsible for managing donor relations, sourcing new funding and support for our services, and coordinating fundraising and CSR events. The FR&E team is seeking enthusiastic and pragmatic interns to work closely with the wider PathFinders team on various fundraising initiatives and events, most notably our 11th Anniversary Fundraising Dinner this November, our largest annual fundraising event generating a significant portion of our income. Our theme this year is ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’.


  • Assist in planning and preparations for the 11th Anniversary Fundraising Dinner
  • Donor research of local and global corporates, foundations and other potential donors, and identify new funding sources and partnerships. 
  • Learning how to use Salesforce which is common software in a corporate operation 
  • Support and coordinate fundraising, CSR and community events
  • Prepare and coordinate fundraising and donor communications materials, including slide decks, newsletters, social media and blog
  • Provide administrative support to the FR&E team
  • Support other PathFinders projects as needed


  • A demonstrated interest in the social sector, philanthropy, NGOs, corporate social responsibility, fundraising or events. Previous experience is desirable
  • Able to work independently with limited supervision, and in a team environment
  • Strong research, organisational and administrative skills
  • Fluency in English, with excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Your own computer, with Microsoft Office (or compatible) suite
  • Knowledge of Cantonese, Bahasa Indonesian and/or Tagalog would also be an advantage
  • Design or graphic design skills would also be an advantage
  • Be comfortable with, and committed to, operating within PathFinders’ core values: non-judgmental, respectful, passionate, courageous, empathetic, discreet, collaborative; and
  • Hold a HKID, valid visa or be eligible to apply for a working student or training visa. Students who are not permanent Hong Kong residents should refer to the conditions for taking up employment in Hong Kong. A breach of any condition will render them liable to prosecution and removal from Hong Kong under the Immigration Ordinance.


  • This is a full or part time position, with a minimum commitment of 10-12 hours/week for 8 weeks 
  • Applicants should be willing to work flexible hours to accommodate events 
  • The internship will be based predominantly at PathFinders’ offices at Worldwide Centre, 123 Tung Chau Street, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Travel within Hong Kong is expected for events and to attend various meetings
  • This is an unpaid internship unless the applicant falls outside the exceptions in the Minimum Wage Ordinance. Reasonable travel expenses while on PathFinders’ business will be reimbursed


  • Interested applicants should send a Letter of Interest, Curriculum Vitae and availability (dates) by email, with the subject “F&E Internship Application: [full name]”, addressed to Ashlee Schroth, Events Manager, at
  • Shortlisted candidates will be notified by email and invited for interview
  • If you do not back from us within 4 weeks of submitting your application, please assume your application has been unsuccessful

PathFinders is a committed equal opportunities employer. PathFinders Limited is non-partisan and non-religious.

Privacy Statement

Data sent by you to PathFinders Limited in connection with this application will be retained by PathFinders for 6 months after the hiring process is complete. All information and personal data provided by applicants as part of this recruitment process will be treated in confidence and used for recruiting for these internships roles only.


Health Talk on Cervical Cancer and Importance of Early Detection

Tika Rana from The Faculty of Medicine at The Nethersole School of Nursing at The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學 – CUHKled an informative free health talk on cervical cancer for our beneficiaries, providing them with an opportunity to learn more about cancer, the importance of screening on a regular basis for early detection, and screening facilities in Hong Kong.

Cervical cancer is the 7th most common cancer amongst females and the 9th leading cause of female cancer deaths in Hong Kong. To find out more, please visit

Thank you so much Tika for your invaluable time and information provided!

Stay healthy and promote prevention of chronic diseases.

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Meet our Intern – SEOJIN PARK

In this edition of our Meet our Intern series, say hi to Seojin Park, a second year Columbia Law School student who worked at PathFinders for 10 weeks over the summer. Seojin saw first hand the resilience and love beneficiaries had for their babies and, in her capacity as an Access to Justice Intern,  participated in a range of events including PathFinders’ weekly Open Legal Clinic and Case Manager meetings. She also helped draft petitions for visa extensions and complaints for employment-related administrative agencies.

Seojin hopes to see the world become a safer place for women and children. With the number of economic migrants rising, she hopes that societies have more robust social safety nets in place.


The legal advocacy skill I learned from PathFinders is only a small part. From the very first day, I learned how foreign domestic workers live in Hong Kong and how many hurdles they have to overcome in Hong Kong. Despite the challenges PathFinders clients face, their resilience and love for their babies inspired me on a daily basis. While some injustices that ordinary citizens inflict on their domestic workers was upsetting to learn about, PathFinders’ work, staff, and its clients reminded me of what is beautiful in this world we live in. 


I accompanied my clients to various administrative meetings at the Equal Opportunities Commission, the labour department, and the immigration department  to name a few.

Often, I drafted petitions for visa extensions and complaints for employment-related administrative agencies. To gather information, I sometimes messaged with clients who were abroad. On other occasions, I met clients in person and received their direct input in working on these activities. 

Lastly, I participated in a host of other events at PathFinders from weekly Open Legal Clinics, monthly case managers meetings, to informational lunches with other NGOs from Hong Kong and around the world. 


I want the world to be a safer place for women and children. As there are more and more economic migrants, I also hope that societies have more robust social safety nets for migrants. I hope for a society where citizens appreciate democratic values and equality of all people. 

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Meet our Intern – TIN YI LAU

In this Meet our Intern edition, say hi to Tin Yi Lau! Tin Yi is a 3rd year student at National University of Singapore studying Law. She joined PathFinders’ Access to Justice Team for 6 weeks and quickly realised the seriousness of the problem faced by pregnant domestic workers in Hong Kong. She enjoyed the work because clients came to PathFinders with different issues and Tin Yi was able to learn about various areas of law such as immigration, discrimination and family law.

Tin Yi hopes for a society where everyone understands their rights and, at the same time, respect the rights of others.

What have you learnt from this internship?

Through the internship, I learnt that the work done by an NGO like PathFinders is important because it could be the only source of support available to our clients. Foreign domestic workers who get pregnant during their course of employment may be subject to harsh treatment by their employers and shame by their family. This may be further exacerbated in cases where they are unaware of their rights and are unlawfully terminated by their employers, causing them to lose income and accommodation. Sometimes, this leads to these individuals becoming illegal overstayers who may not be able to adequately protect themselves and their children. Without support from their family and friends,PathFinders is important in providing them with support and advice with regards to healthcare or legal issues they find themselves entangled in. 

More specifically, this internship allowed me to see the effects of policy making manifesting as dilemmas faced by foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong, especially when they are pregnant. My stint at PathFinders made me recognise the seriousness of the problem faced by pregnant domestic workers in Hong Kong and that they can become very vulnerable individuals when they do not receive the support of their family and their employers. This made me appreciate the work done by PathFinders as the whole organisation has dedicated itself to helping migrant mothers and their children.

What activities have you been participating in?

As an A2J intern, I assisted the legal case managers in supporting clients by explaining their rights and obligations to them as well as helping them pursue or defend their legal claims.

The work was interesting because clients came to PathFinders with different issues and I could learn about various areas of law such as immigration, discrimination and family law. In addition, I was also given the opportunity to sit in on client meetings and accompany clients to different government departments, such as the Castle Peak Immigration Centre and the Birth Registry. These experiences allowed me to learn more about the difficulties faced by foreign domestic workers as they try to solve their problems, such as having to face language barriers or unreasonable discrimination.

What kind of change in society do you hope for? 

I hope for a society where everyone understands their rights and, at the same time, respect the rights of others. It is unsurprising that some individuals are unaware of certain rights they have and are thus unable to protect themselves. However, the advent of technology, particularly smartphones, has made information and help easier to seek. Together with the rise of advocacy groups, more individuals are now more empowered.

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Meet our Team – Carmen Lam

In this edition of our new “Meet our Team” Q&A meet Co-Director of Services Carmen Lam. Carmen has been at PathFinders for 7 years and leads our Community Education and Outreach team. Her motto in life is “making the world a better place” and her favourite quote is from Mahatma Gandhi : “My Life is My Message”.


My role is overseeing the development, strategic planning and execution of our Community Engagement, Home Country Integration, Education and Supplies programmes.


Each day is so varied but typically I am monitoring the execution of each programme to align with our organisation’s development.  I often engage with external partners for service development, monitoring grants and funding reports and I also provide guidance to the team to ensure our programmes are meeting the needs of the clients and community. 


I love seeing positive social change and solving social issues – that’s why I like that the organisation is called “path” finders. We are here to help our beneficiaries find a sustainable path and get back on their feet.  As the saying goes, “Don’t give a man a fish. Teach him how to fish instead’. This goes a long way and is what I enjoy doing through my job. My motto is “making the world a better place”. It is my privilege to be part of the catalyst and part of the change empowering everyone in the community, especially foreign domestic workers.  I believe all human beings have the potential to grow when they’re guided in the right direction. 


Find your passion and do it with compassion. At an NGO it is not about financial gains. It is about how much you would like to contribute to making change in this world, positively impacting the lives of others. You need to lead by example by treating others with respect, kindness and empathy, empowering and enabling other people to grow and shine.


Seeing a former client breaking through a vicious cycle from an abusive relationship for 5 years when she decided to move on and return home with her children to Indonesia.  The was not an easy decision but she was brave enough to do that for herself and her children. It also inspired me as no matter what kind of circumstance or predicament you are in right now, you can always take control of your life and have a bright future. Don’t be afraid! 


I love watching movies, playing guitar, listening to music and dancing, and hanging out with my dearest friends and family.  I have a minor degree in music and psychology, and used to play in a jazz band when I was in college. I also looooooooooove watching comedies. Life is just too serious sometimes.  We all need a little bit of laughter, joy and happiness in life.

*Carmen is standing at the back of the photo.

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Post-Summit Q&A with FDW and Mountain Climber Liza Avelino

A special message from Liza…..
PATHFINDERS: Congratulations Liza on your recent summit of Mt. Damavand! How was the climb?
LIZA: My climb was a success. I made to the summit of Mt Damavand!
PATHFINDERS: Were there any moments when you struggled and how did you get through them?
LIZA: Yes, there were moments where I struggled. It was after reaching 5,000m. I felt the effect of altitude sickness – feeling weak, having a queasy stomach and I felt like every breath and every step I wanted to throw up especially when I sipped water, the taste was bland but I had to force myself to swallow because it is very important for hydration.
The terrain became steeper and there was one hour of rock scrambling where it was really hard to heave my body up on the rocks and it made me use my remaining strength. After the rock scrambling part, there was a steep uphill march to the Pyramid, a mound of rocks in the shape of a pyramid.
After that I saw the summit but there was one last obstacle I had to go through….. the sulphur hill. A mixture of loose rocks and volcanic sand, the high winds hit you right left back and centre and it stirs dust everywhere. I also had to endure the stench of sulphur from fumarole vents near the summit crater. 
I had to push myself and focus on my steps one foot after the other, and after 45 minutes of walking very slowly on the sulphur hill I finally made it to the summit. I felt so HAPPY!
PATHFINDERS: What next?! Are you planning any more climbs?
LIZA: I am already working on a plan for my next trip to the mountains next year. There’s no summit on this one but I will go up and down mountain passes as high as 4525m. It’s a 14 day Pamir Trekking Expedition in Kyrgyzstan which is known as the Patagonia of Central Asia. 
I’m not giving up on climbing another summit, infact i’m planning to do Mt Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe in 2021 or 2022.
PATHFINDERS: Do you have a message for PathFinders’ beneficiaries who you helped raise funds for?
LIZA: Stay strong, take the opportunity to learn more skills while you’re under the guidance of PathFinders, empower yourself and plan for a better future for you and your child.
Thank you PathFinders and to donors for for all the amazing things that you do to help the vulnerable women and children in our society. More blessings and more power to your advocacy.

Meet our Intern – AMY LI

In this Meet our Intern edition, say hi to Amy Li! Amy is a Journalism and Communications student at CUHK and was recently with PathFinders for 6 weeks supporting the Access to Justice team.

Amy loved how unique her internship was and how she was able to participate in so many different events and gain a deeper understanding of individual client’s cases. She fondly recalls how one client told her that PathFinders’ support empowers her. Amy hopes to see more respect and less judgement towards FDWs in society. 

#allchildrenmatter #intern #accesstojustice #law #legal #mother #child #change #fdw #internship


My 6-week internship journey in PathFinders was amazing. As a non-law major student, it was not easy to read through legal cases, submission papers, etc. Luckily, the team was very supportive and willing to explain how things work. I explored issues of foreign domestic helpers (FDHs) and their children from a broader perspective. In the past, my understanding towards them was through the media. It was definitely bias. Hence, I am grateful to have been a part of PathFinder’ team.

Second, I learnt the importance of accuracy from this internship. I helped draft several case notes and summaries after meetings and court hearings. As lawyers, use of specific wordings matter. A high standard of accuracy at PathFinders encouraged me to be a detail-oriented person, which definitely helped in my studies.


During my time at PathFinders, I accompanied clients to the Immigration Department, Equal Opportunities Commission, Legal Aid Department, etc. It’s difficult for clients to visit various departments by themselves as they may face language barriers and complicated processes. I understood the complexity and clients’ concerns. This provided me with opportunities to chat with clients and understand their situations. The weekly Open Legal Clinic meetings that the A2J team holds enhanced my understandings on different cases and how the team respond accordingly. 

A memorable task involved discussing a client’s situation with counsels from the Equal Opportunities Commission during a meeting and after a court hearing. Since I was the only representative from PathFinders, I needed to be extremely aware of the progress of everything. The legal terminology was difficult to gauge and I needed to ask counsel for clarification. It was exciting and challenging at the same time. I realised how preparation such as reading relevant documents matters. 

The uniqueness of working as an intern here was that I participated in events run by other working groups too. Going to a “high tea” session and shelter meeting led by Case Managers allowed me to interact with different clients. I remembered clients designed cards and took some photos to celebrate Mothers’ Day in May. They talked about their love for kids and babies. They also mentioned how PathFinders empowered them. I was deeply moved because of their sincerity and love towards their beloved ones. 


Respect. FDWs come to Hong Kong for job opportunities. They deserve people’s respect.  I wish people could be less judgmental of FDWs. Rights of the most vulnerable children should be considered as well in long term policy setting. 


Liza Avelino Raises Funds for PathFinders by Summiting 5,671m Mt. Damavand in Iran

Liza Avelino successfully made it to the summit of 5,671m peak Mt. Damavand in Iran on July 9th, 2019 and is donating proceeds from her climb to PathFinders’ beneficiaries! Stay tuned for a short follow-up interview with Liza when she returns to Hong Kong. For now, she’s enjoying some much-deserved rest in Tehran.
There’s still time to donate to Liza’s impressive climb – please visit to make a last minute donation!
Thank you Liza for dedicating your climb to our beneficiaries and congratulations!
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PathFinders Welcomes Two New Staff Members!

We’re delighted to welcome two new colleagues to the PathFinders team! Please meet Angie Chandran and Fleur Robertson.

Angie has been working in humanitarian services for over 10 years and has extensive experience in programme management and development. We are excited to have her join our Community Engagement and Public Awareness team as a Community Education Manager. Angie will help us raise awareness for employers and will take the lead on our public campaign initiatives.

Fleur joins us as a Health Professional on the Access to Healthcare team where she will support in providing clinical prenatal and post natal support, conducting home visits and assisting with healthcare system navigation. She is an Australian Registered Paediatric Nurse and has over 13 years experience working with infants, children and their families.

Welcome to the team!

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