Donors and Service Volunteers


Generous funding from our donors have expanded our capacity to respond to the increasing number of vulnerable children and their migrant mothers. We are particularly thankful to:



Shun Wah Printer

Volunteer Service Partners

Our volunteer service partners provide critical services, from medical and legal assistance for our beneficiaries to computer and communications support to run our daily operations. Our work would not be possible without the valued support and dedication of these volunteer service partners:

  • Dr. Sophia Kennelly, GP, Veritas Medical, for providing maternal and children’s medical care.
  • Karin Siegler, Wellness and Birth, for both one-on-one consultations as well as holding monthly mid-wife education sessions for our beneficiaries.
  • Mark Daly, Daly and Associates, for providing legal services to our beneficiaries.
  • Peter Barnes, Jenny Mcalpine, Darcy Davison-Roberts, Gigi Chiu, Shaphan Marwah, Azan Marwah, for providing legal assistance to our beneficiaries.
  • Richard Clement, Massie and Clement, for providing legal services to our beneficiaries.
  • Jump Webservices, for generously hosting our website
  • Viviani Indriani and Felicia Hidayat, for translation services
  • Tim Clough and Wendy Wei for service and program development support
  • Kelvin Lee and Gary ChanOnion Creative agency for continuous design and web support
  • Katherine Lee, kactusDesign for design and branding support

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– A full list of our past volunteers and donors are included in our latest annual report.