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PathFinders child of hong kong

The Immigration Department has released information about 3 siblings aged between 17 and 19 who have been living in Hong Kong undocumented and without ever attending school or accessing a public hospital. These are the most delayed birth registrations ever in Hong Kong. Every year, PathFinders manages several cases of older children living without a birth certificate.

In a separate case, when mum Nancy approached PathFinders, she had overstayed her visa for 16 years and failed to register Bobo, who was already 14 years old. Bobo had never been to school and rarely socialised outside his home. The family was living in poor conditions, with Bobo putting a lot of pressure on his mother and asking questions about why he could not go to school.

With counselling from PathFinders, Nancy surrendered to the Police even though it would mean going to prison.

While Nancy was in prison, PathFinders assisted Bobo to navigate a lengthy immigration investigation and DNA testing, finally securing him a birth certificate and a place at secondary school.

Now, Bobo exists and has a legal identity. He is finally able to live to his full potential, while enjoying a normal life; learning, laughing, sharing and making friends.

SCMP report: http://goo.gl/u7ruYK

Immigration Dept Press release: http://goo.gl/AQnL3I