Meet our Intern – Efa Chan

In this edition of our “Meet our Intern” series meet Efa Chan, a second year Master of Public Health Student at The University of Hong Kong. Efa is working as an intern at PathFinders from January to July 2019 and has been supporting the Access to Healthcare team. Thank you Efa for your ongoing hard work and support!

  • What activities have you been participating in?

During my internship at PathFinders, I have been accompanying  clients to attend various health care services such as hospital visits and birth control counselling. I’ve also supported on home visits and shelter visits to see our clients and assess their needs. 

I’ve been assisting in PathFinders clinics to provide basic assessments for ante-natal and post-natal clients. I find the tasks at PathFinders meaningful because I can help solve clients’ difficulties when accessing the health care system and I can be the bridge between the health care providers in the system and the clients.

  • What have you learnt from this internship?

Working on the Access to Healthcare team has allowed me to spend a lot of time with our clients. Providing companionship in a respectful manner to our clients means a lot to them. One client who is planning to go back to her home country with her baby daughter told me that her mind was empty until she found PathFinders and she would be nothing without us. Staying with the clients and talking with them allowed me to have a better understanding of  their obstacles regarding accessing health care, such as language barriers. 

Being an intern at PathFinders has allowed me to know more about the neglected part of the population in Hong Kong. It has also given me the opportunity to understand the difficulties in accessing healthcare, while adequate health care access should be everyone’s right.

Having interned with PathFinders, what kind of change in society do you hope for?

Adequate healthcare access as a basic need should be everyone’s right.  I hope to see everyone in our society have equal access to health care with no one mistreated. Adequate support should be provided to everyone in society including ethnic minorities.