Baby Jenny’s Story

In December 2013, a child abandoned by her mother was brought to PathFinders. We named her baby Jenny. She was 8 months old.

PathFinders took Jenny to the police station and she was placed in foster care. When Jenny's mother, Wilamena, was traced and identified, she was homeless, and could only feed Baby Jenny what she could find; in many cases discarded, soured milk. She had not intended to abandon her child. She had initially left Baby Jenny with a friend, believing her daughter would be in better hands.

Baby Jenny turned 18 months and Wilamena said she wanted to be a part of her child's life again. Still homeless, she moved into PathFinders’ Shelter with the hope of rebuilding her life and relationship with Baby Jenny. Unfortunately, Wilemena and Baby Jenny didn’t recognise each other and struggled to build a bond.

Wilamena repeatedly failed to visit Jenny in her foster home. It soon became evident that Wilamena exhibited signs of mental illness and needed medical treatment.

Recognising that her poor health, financial and immigration status would make it impossible to give Baby Jenny the life she wanted for her, Wilamena decided to sign off her parental rights. Baby Jenny could now leave the foster care system and find a permanent home with an adoptive family.

Without the stability of a safe home, counseling and access to medical care that PathFinders provided, it would not have been possible for Wilamena to reach this life-changing decision for Baby Jenny.

Baby Jenny is now waiting to be adopted in Hong Kong.